MOMcon is a conference and community for moms who want to lead To the Full. The leaders at MOMcon find encouragement, practical tools and resources, and expert insights into motherhood, leadership, marriage, faith and more. MOMcon is the ultimate mom-leader conference, developed and designed to connect moms in leadership to each other and to Jesus. It is also the ultimate mom party, where we let our hair down, stay up way too late and don’t have to take anyone else to the bathroom or cut up their food.
MOMcon is coming to Aurora, Colorado on September 17-19, 2020. The conference is a gathering of 2500+ leaders and mom influencers all looking to grow themselves and take their leadership to the next level. We offer five keynote gatherings and over 20 workshops from industry experts, and we believe attendees will walk away from MOMcon with leadership skills, tangible next steps, and renewed passion to embrace their lives and their leadership.


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