MOPS International connects families to your church with high-quality, simple women’s gatherings that welcome moms together to share life, motherhood and Jesus.

We’ve all heard it. During the spring of 2020 more than ever. Unprecedented.

This word doesn’t roll off the tongue; it’s easy to misspell, and it has nearly as many syllables as required feet for safe social distancing. COVID-19 has proven that, up until now, all previous uses of the word “unprecedented” have been severe exaggerations. Between the stay-at-home orders, quarantine mandates, qualifications for “essential” versus “non-essential,” and face-mask requirements, no one has experienced anything quite like this before, and nothing is unscathed from its effects.

But you already know this.

What’s interesting, and inextricably linked to these unprecedented safety restrictions, is the response of different institutions around the world: governments, brands, businesses, and particularly the local church. Now, we’ve all heard the proverbial “capital-C church” described as a people, not a place. This is true. But what happens when, at a moment’s notice, church can no longer take place in a building? Click here to read more.

More than 25,000 moms are utilizing our Group Search Tool to find a local MOPS group every month. That’s 25,000 moms seeking community and encouragement!

Be a part of creating this incredible community of moms by starting a Mama Meetups™ or MOPS group. Our Outreach Team is waiting to talk with you – all you have to do is click here.

The Benefits of MOPS in Your Church

Proven Growth Tool

  • Enables a genuine and engaging first-time church experience.
  • Fosters an intentional environment for moms to connect with one another.

Volunteer Led Ministry

  • Provides tools, training and coaching to equip volunteers to lead a MOPS group with confidence.
  • Eliminates the stress of meeting coordination.

In-Depth Evangelism Training

  • Access to mom, leader, children’s curriculum – all based on biblical truth and the story of Jesus.
  • Teaches simple, relational-based tactics for communicating the love of Christ.

The Impact of MOPS in Your Community

A Welcoming Place for Moms to Meet Jesus

  • A gathering place for every mom, from every background, with any story.
  • Offers moms a much-needed break to catch her breath and remind her who she is.

Connects Young Families to Your Church

• Provides encouragement, community and support specifically for new moms.
• Promotes participation in the local church community.

Encouragement and Hope Shared in Your Neighborhood

• Positions the church to invite moms who are looking for the type of connection that MOPS provides.
• Allows moms to become the best version of themselves, for their families and the people in their communities.

  • MOPS INTRODUCES moms and children to Jesus through relationship with other moms.  Through the ministry of MOPS and partnerships with churches just like yours we have seen 10,000 moms and children come to know Jesus!
  • MOPS grows the congregation! A MOPS group serves as a BRIDGE from your church to young families in your community.
  • MOPS is an intergenerational COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT offering that equips churches with resources to engage young families in your community while offering ministry opportunities to the church membership. Volunteers and mentors are key to the success of the ministry.

MOPS International connects families to your church with high-quality, simple women’s gatherings that welcome moms together to share life, motherhood and Jesus.

Every community needs MOPS because no matter where you are, every mom needs love, support and a relational safe space to encounter the love and truth of Jesus. Whether you’re a rural community or an urban community, your moms will benefit from MOPS.
MOPS is a great addition to a church needing to build their young family base. MOPS is known for being a great outreach strategy for bringing moms and young families into your church.
  • Coaching
  • Mentors
  • Online Leader Training and Certification
  • Leadership Publications
  • MOPS Leaders Facebook
  • MOMcon, a convention where mom leaders from around the world lean into world class leadership training.
MOPS offers high-quality, women’s gatherings that welcome moms together to share life, motherhood and Jesus. Through a simple format of food, speaker, discussion and craft, women report they have made friends for life, connected with their local church and become closer to Jesus! MOPS invites moms into friendship, evangelism, leadership training, missions, mentoring, discipleship and more.
MOPS lists all of our groups on our website. Women typically find their groups by entering a zip code into our group search tool at Many moms tell us that when they move to a new city, they look for a church by figuring out where the closest MOPS group meets (using our group search tool). MOPS International also trains and equips leaders to invite area moms to their MOPS group and church. When you tell a mom where they can find childcare, food and friendship, she usually jumps at the opportunity.
One of the best parts about MOPS is that you can customize when, where or how often your MOPS group meets. MOPS is a model, and you can customize it to the needs of your moms and church staff. The group is a reflection of your church and community. Some groups have a handful of moms while other groups have 50 and even up to 100 moms that attend regularly. Our average group size is about 25 moms. Due to childcare capacity, many churches will add additional groups to meet the needs of moms. Meetings are typically twice a month, but we have many groups that meet once a week or once a month.
Our traditional MOPS groups are designed for moms with infants, toddlers or preschoolers. We also offer MOMSnext, which is popular with moms of school-age kids. We welcome every mom, with every story, from every background.  We invite moms of older kids to serve as mentors to our moms with younger kids.
Our desire is for every MOPS mom to have a relationship with Jesus, be connected to a local church and encourage others as they follow Jesus. MOPS fosters community within the church, and many moms who meet in MOPS stay friends for life. We also hear frequently from our church leaders that moms who attend a MOPS group often attend church services and establish membership at the church where they participate in MOPS.
MOPS introduces the gospel in small, simple ways over the course of the year, and every MOPS groups shares Jesus each in their own way. We believe our leaders also point moms to Jesus every time they give a loving hug or an encouraging word.
MOPS is led by volunteer moms with the oversite of a church or organizational leader, and we work diligently to equip and encourage our leaders through a variety of resources. This opportunity to lead is life-giving and life changing for our moms in leadership. She feels confidant and affirmed as a leader, and often times, a mom who leads a MOPS group will also lead in other areas of the church.
Last year over 10,000 moms gave their life to Christ in local MOPS Groups.

“In so many ways, MOPS embodies the mission of our church. From connection and discipleship to mentorship and leader development, MOPS provides a space for moms and their children to deepen with God and one another. It also serves as an incredible ‘front door’ for families in the community to find a welcoming home to be known and loved. I’m so thankful for the ministry of MOPS International and their commitment to partnering with the local church to reach communities with the gospel of Jesus!”

–Pastor Andrew Campbell, Christ Community Church Overland Park, KS

Absolutely!  MOPS costs less than a potluck for the church and is more effective! In comparison, MOPS is the most cost effective ministry with lifelong impact on families and the church. MOPS is the more cost effective and positively effects the mom, her children and her husband. (Many MOPS kids and dads become life-long friends, too!)
Yes! Moms will get the most support out of MOPS through the relationships they build with fellow moms, but MOPS also offers our moms encouragement online through emails, podcast, blog and our member-only website that is packed with encouraging videos.
Moms don’t take the summer off, and neither does MOPS. Although many groups take a break from regular meetings during the summer, most still host play dates, Bible studies or coffee dates over the summer or during breaks. This is also a great time for groups to use our small group guides, M Collectives, to focus on a particular topic, such as intimacy. MOPS members also continue to receive communications from MOPS that support, equip and encourage them.